Compact, elegant, ecological and with a modern design and a light structure

Original price was: $587.Current price is: $471.















Ecological and sustainable

Economic and financial savings

Convenient and efficient transportation in the city

Silent and respectful driving

Accessible active lifestyle

Lower carbon footprint

Easy and affordable parking


Power:  350W

Range per charge: 15-25km (based on 75KG)

Max speed: 25 km/h

Brake system: Disc brake + electric brake

Max load:  120kgs

Charging time: 4-6 hours

Weight: 14.5 Kg

Original price was: $73.Current price is: $63.

The best ecological option: enjoy a smooth and safe ride with the certified electric scooter

We have CE, FCC and RoHS certificates, it is an excellent option for those looking for an efficient and safe form of transportation, without compromising the environment. These certificates ensure that the product meets standards for safety and health, electromagnetic interference and the elimination of hazardous substances. Therefore, by choosing this electric scooter, you can enjoy a smooth and reliable riding experience, while contributing to a more sustainable future.


Take control with the APP

ON/OFF of lights

Battery check


Interesting details

Lock wheels



Lock wheels

3 Levels

10 / 15 / 25 Km/h



Zero Start


Cruising speed


With brake discs

Brake discs on an electric scooter offer several benefits in terms of safety and performance.

Firstly, brake discs are highly efficient and provide powerful and precise braking force compared to other brake systems. This allows for greater driving safety as it can be stopped quickly in emergency situations.

Additionally, brake discs have greater durability and require less maintenance compared to other brake systems. This is because brake discs are designed to withstand high temperatures and increased wear, making them less likely to be damaged or require frequent replacement.

Another benefit of brake discs is that they provide a greater feeling of control and stability while driving. By having greater braking capacity and faster response, drivers can have a safer and more reliable driving experience.

Light your way

With our electric scooter with built-in light, you will always be prepared for any situation! Whether you’re driving at night or in low light conditions, our LED front light will keep you visible and safe at all times.

Additionally, our rear light allows you to be seen from behind, further increasing your safety on the road. With our electric scooter with light, you won’t have to worry about safety while moving around the city.

And best of all, our long-lasting light gives you hours of continuous use without having to worry about changing batteries! With our electric scooter with light, you can enjoy safe and convenient riding at any time of the day.


Since I bought my electric scooter, my life has completely changed. Now I can get anywhere in the city without worrying about traffic or parking. Plus, with the front and rear light, I feel much safer when driving at night.

Axel Farrow

The electric scooter I bought is simply amazing. The brake discs give me an unparalleled feeling of security and control, and the battery lasts much longer than I expected. Now I can get to and from work without worrying about fuel or emissions.

Renesmee Thomas

If you are looking for an economical and ecological way to get around the city, an electric scooter is the best option. I bought one with all the safety features, including the light, and couldn’t be happier with my choice. It is easy to drive, low maintenance and allows me to enjoy the city without worries.

Kason Espinosa

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